Charred mackerel, fennel, lime, coriander, yogurt

...8.00 (m,sp,f)

Burrata, beef tomato, shallot, basil

...6.50 (m,sp,V)

Chicken wings, corn, mango, avocado and salsa chimichurri sauce

...7.00 (m,e,g)

Smoked harissa hummus, pickles, wild herb flatbread

...5.50 (sp,g,Ve)

Ribblesdale goats curd, truffle honey, walnuts, spelt toast

...8.00 (m,sp,n,g V)


Quinoa, 3 bean, buckwheat, spinach, cucumber, mint, lime and soy dressing

...8.00 (sy,sp,Ve)

Pearl cous cous, sunblush tomato, courgette, pine nuts, apricots, ras el hanout

...8.00 (g,sp,n,Ve)

Beetroot, apple, walnut, Yorkshire fettle, sherry vinegar dressing (TA)

...8.00 (m,sp,n,V)


chicken ...5.00

smoked salmon ...5.00 (f)

halloumi ...4.00 (m,V)


Available from 12pm to 5pm

Sliced White, wholemeal or ciabatta (upgrade for £1.5) (g) (gluten free option available)

Steak, blue cheese, pickled shallot, watercress, bearnaise sauce

...9.00 (m,sp,e)

Mozzarella, tomato, pesto

...6.5 (m,n,sp,V)

Smoked salmon, tartare sauce

...7.5 (e,sp,f)

Chargrilled veg, chimichurri

...6.00 (Ve)

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire cheddar, onion marmalade

...6.5 (m,sp)

Upgrade to chips ...2.00


Rigatoni, beef ragu, parmesan, basil

...12.00 (g,m,sp,e)

Masala chicken, lentil and chickpea dahl, Bombay mix

...13.00 (m,sp)

Local beer battered fish, thick cut chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce

...14.00 (m,g,sp,e,f)

Fish Tacos - charred lime cured mackerel, root slaw, corn, mango and avocado salsa, chilli, coriander yoghurt

...12.00 (g,m,sp,f)

Local sirloin steak, thick cut chips, grilled beef tomato, mushroom, rocket and parmesan

...21.00 (m,e,sp)

6oz Beef burger, fries, beef tomato, cheddar, wild garlic aioli

...14.00 (g,e,m,sp)

Harissa lamb shoulder, pomegranate, coriander, flatbread

...13.00 (g,sp)

Aubergine and peppers, dukka, pumpkin seeds, cauliflower and herb salad

...12.00 (Ve)

Silver bream, pak choi, lemongrass, ginger, Thai basil, coconut, noodles, sea vegetables 

...13.00 (f,g)



(Gluten free bases available)

Buffalo mozzarella, sun blush tomato, basil

...8.00 (m,g,sp,V)

Spicy salami, mushroom, mozzarella

...10.00 (m,g)

Beef ragu, mozzerella, parmesan, watercress

...10.00 (m,g,sp)

Chargrilled veg, harissa, hummus, pine nuts, rocket

...8.00 (g,n,sp)



Halloumi fries, chimichurri ...5.00 (m,sp,g,V)

Watercress, rocket, and parmesan salad ...3.50 (m,sp)

Thick cut chips, harissa mayo ...4.00 (V)

Fries, wild garlic aioli ...4.00 (V)

Dressed leaves ...4.00 (sp,Ve)

Seasonal vegetables  ...4.00 (Ve)

Allergens index – m = milk, sp = sulphites, f = fish, g = gluten, e = egg, n = nuts, pn = peanuts V = vegetarian, Ve = vegan